Scientific Papers Simplified

When I was an undergraduate, the thing I hated doing the most was reading scientific papers. It wasn’t that I didn’t find the science interesting, I just found that they were written in a way that made them nearly impossible to read. This made me avoid them whenever I could get away with it, however, the longer I spent avoiding them, the harder they got to read and this did not help me when I was working on my dissertation.

So that no one else is subjected to a love-hate relationship with scientific papers, I’ve put together this handy series to guide you through everything you need to know about scientific literature and some useful tips and tricks to make the process a simple as possible.

Posts in this series

Tackling a Scientific Paper

If you’ve ever found yourself googling “how to read a scientific paper”, this post answers just that. Whether you’re a student doing your assigned reading, an inquisitive reader hoping to understand the science behind the headlines, or anything in between – welcome! 

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